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GTA Consulting
Sep 15 2019
Outsourcing  E-mail

Outsourcing globally is changing the way businesses are organized; that is why we want to take this burden off our clients so that they can focus on their core competencies. We have positioned our firm’s resources to handle our clients’ HR needs, training solutions’ needs, business process re-engineering, business resuscitation, PR management, et cetera. This is part of what we want to do to allow our clients to be more efficient, more effective, reduce costs and overhead, Free up resources, Improve speed and efficiency, Use our Expertise, Save on Hiring and Training and Save thousands on Technology.


Facilities Management: We help our clients develop and manage their facilities to ensure there is value for money and returns on investments

Brand Experiences: We create experiences that brings your brand closer to the consumers enabling them to have a relationship through road shows, sampling, direct product selling etc.

Event Management: We create events that resonate with brand essence. From product launches to press conferences, we provide strategic implementable plan to help companies communicate with clients and potential clients.

Media services: We plan, buy and coordinate media activities such that is workable, beneficial and measurable.

Brand Identity Design: We design and print those elements that enhance external communication such as Logo, Corporate brochures, Annual report and accounts, Calendars, Portfolio jackets etc.

Sponsorship consulting: Why must you sponsor? What must you sponsor? What does your company stand to gain from that sponsorship venture? These and many more we provide answers before you embark on that sponsorship project.

Promotions: We enhance and promote talents.