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Sep 15 2019
DISASTER MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE SECURITY AND SAFETY AWARENESS DRILL: Building Collapse, Bomb Threats and Terrorism Prevention, Emergency Response Planning, Evacuation and Panic Management  E-mail

Course Overview
The events of recent past such as building collapse, fire incidents and the current security challenges in the country call for individuals and organizations to put adequate measures in place to checkmate such occurrences  and when it happens take appropriate measures to mitigate against losses. This is to assist in preparing and empowering staff on what to do in the event of any disaster or security breach of any kind around their work environment or in their respective homes.

It is a fact that response to disasters in most cases requires involvement of number of agencies such as Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Medical and Health, Public Works, Communications, Roads Safety, Security Agencies etc. Achieving coordination among these agencies during emergency times is usually a herculean task and creates unique challenges such as line of authority, supervision, resource management, differences in terminology and other communication problem, span of control etc.

The lack of emergency planning and preparedness can cost lives and unnecessary damage to human lives and equipment. This course, disaster management and security awareness, is designed to create awareness among staff on disaster and security management and help plan an emergency strategy to deal with such challenges in the workplace or at home.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of emergency planning for disaster, security and building evacuation and terrorism response. It will also expose participants to measures to take in the event of any security or safety challenge in the workplace or in their homes.

?    Learn the vital clues, which signal impending threats to security in the workplace.
?    Learn measure to take in emergency and building evacuation procedure in response to building collapse and fire outbreaks;
?    Learn perception and observation skills, which will help prevent personal attacks and manage security effectively.
?    Discuss the most common errors made in security management and how to avoid them.
?    Instantly recognize problem areas in your workplace or at home.
?    Understand emergency management, preparedness, response and reporting procedure
?    Learn measure to take in building collapse and other disaster related incidence;
?    Appraise and evaluate the current security situation on ground with a view to providing safeguards.
?    Role-play the fundamental guidelines that should be followed during building collapse and evacuation.

Who Should Attend?
The course is designed for All Staff of the Fund to have a broad view of security and disaster awareness management in the workplace. It is also ideal for Third-Party Security Operatives within your facility as well as Fire and Safety Officers.

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