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Sep 15 2019
Essential Public Sector Budgeting Preparation Skills  E-mail

Course Overview

Public Sector Budget is the vehicle by which government programs are planned and implemented to the benefit of the electorate but within the limitation of government revenue. We will provide participants with tools and techniques needed to cope with the demands of budget preparation and management, particularly when they have a non-finance background. We will explain terminology, and set out best practice processes and procedures, and provide ideas to manage more difficult budgets.

The course will detail the various types of budget with emphasis on performance based budgeting and suggest which is best for the public sector to achieve its mandate to the public. The course will explain the importance of variance analysis in monitoring budgets and how to make the variances meaningful as a management tool. Other basic techniques such as commitment accounting, projecting outturns and budget drivers will also be covered.

In order to effectively manage budgets, budget holders will need accurate and complete financial management information, and we give examples of the types of report that are most helpful.
The competing needs of government are articulated and organized in this practical training and participants are shown how government spending is planned and executed.

Course Objectives
?    Learn practical approach to preparation of budgets that work
?    Understand budget processes and procedures in government.
?    Learn costing and budgeting terminology used in business
?    Understand the importance of a well-defined costing and budgeting process
?    Determine full costs of outputs for the goods and services provided
?    Master traditional techniques and recent best practices
?    Link finance and operation for budgeting purposes and strategy execution
?    Learn how to build a comprehensive performance measurement system
?    Identify the key factors required to understand business processes
?    Develop proper system of cost analysis for budgeting purposes
?    Master the budgeting and financial skills required for better decision-making
?    Identify sources of financial and operational data to support the budgeting process
?    Learn new best practices to manage organizational performance

Who Should Attend?
Budget Officers, Finance and Accounts Officers, Cash Officers, Treasury/Revenue Officers, including NGOs, officers involved in budget monitoring and accounts and finance officers.

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