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Sep 15 2019
Work Ethics and Organizational Productivity Workshop  E-mail

Attitude of employees to their duties and responsibilities has major effect on organizational productivity. Their commitment and loyalty to their organization and their positive attitude to peers superiors in the course of their job performance are necessary requirements for industrial harmony and higher productivity. Their respect for organizational core values has huge effect on results. Managers need to build positive work attitudes for the attainment of their organization’s objectives.

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the requisite skills and work values essential for fully exploiting the creative potentials of the human resources for improved productivity.

Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to.
?    Critically analyze the prevailing work ethics and their impact on organizational performance;
?    Identify factors that have negative effects on employees’ attitude to work;
?    Handle factors that negatively affect attitude to work;
?    Design work productivity improvement instruments;
?    Develop strategies for managing human resources for high productivity;
?    Review the adequacy of current productivity improvement programmes; and
?    Influence work ethics and behavior positively.

Who Should Attend?

Participants expected to attend this workshop are Admin and Human Resources Mangers, Supervisors and other Functional Managers in Public and Private Sector Organizations.

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