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Sep 15 2019
Strategic Communication, Information Management And Freedom Of Information Act (FOI) for the Public Sector  E-mail

We all meet competent, even talented people in business, in government and in private life. But you might never know that they are competent by listening to them talk or read their write up. This situation becomes worrisome when you notice it amongst information officers, press secretaries and those whose duties it is to communicate government policies and agenda to the public.

This course is structured to support the cultural climate of your agency, your vision, and your strategic challenges and explores the concept of leveraging information as a critical asset that drives efficiency and adds value throughout your agency. It aimed to further equip your personnel with the skills to communicate across various platforms to build, manage and enhance the organization’s reputation and to direct social media strategy to ensure that engagement and influencing are a key component of their communication strategy.

The course will delve further into the issue of crisis communication, tapping into the importance of recognizing the difference between an issue and a crisis, and preparedness that will help mitigate the situation before it is magnified.

On the other hand, the FOI Act is seen with trepidation by civil servants because most of them do not understand what it is all about. A teeming section of the socially conscious population of Nigeria had believed that with the passage of the Freedom of Information Act into law, opportunities would arise to unlock and access most of the information that have hitherto been sheltered up in public offices.

The course is for every staff that interfaces with the public and colleagues alike.

After this course you will understand:
?    How communication strategy is developed in alignment with the business planning process and measured for effectiveness
?    The importance of strategic communication as an effective business tool and the value of ensuring that it lies at the heart of the organisational planning process
?    Why reputation matters, and the part that social media plays in engaging and influencing audiences
?    The importance of integrating internal and external communication so that you can build ambassadors internally and engage confidently with external stakeholders
?    Why auditing channels ensures that you invest only in those that will deliver your goals
?    The importance of the ‘golden hour’ in crisis management and why so many organisations fail to plan for crisis
?    How a ‘thought leadership’ programme could deliver strategic benefits to the organisation and help to build and enhance reputation
?    How to integrate risk management and place it at the heart of the business planning process
?    Enhance the participants understanding of the FOI Act
?    Increase delegates effective communication capabilities
?    Understand the tenets of the FOI Act, their rights and that of the public

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