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Sep 15 2019

Course Overview
The Effective Communication course takes you on a journey of self-realization. You will learn that excellence in communication involves the ability to express who you are, your best self in everything you touch. Effective communication, business writing…, and Presentation, will teach you the how to organize your writing and presentation that showcase your ideas clearly;

Written communication is an integral part of any business. Coordinating with your management and staff, getting clients, and negotiating with suppliers require the ability to create an email, memo or business proposals. Knowledge and application of basic business writing skills give an impression that you are a credible professional. It is also a tool to increase productivity, maintain positive branding for your organization and achieve the impact you want.

The course therefore, will focus on effective communication skills and good writing and presenting your thoughts to get heard and noticed.

Training Objectives
At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:
?    Become familiar with formats and structures of basic written correspondences
?    Develop a writing style that is positive and professional
?    Write business communication with the intent to obtain desired feedback
?    Improve one’s ability to accurately and clearly transmit his/her message to the intended audience in the most effective and acceptable manner possible.
?    Better understand messages from other persons.
?    Know actual applications of the principles of effective communication.
?    Learn the common objectives in business writing and basic guidelines on how to structure your communication according to your desired feedback.
?    Understand what it takes to create effective content tailored to the needs of your recipient.

Who Should Participate?
The workshop is designed for officers and working professionals in various levels. Team leaders, supervisors, account executives, management trainees, marketing, assistants, and secretaries will gain practical tips that will boost their confidence in drafting, writing and editing business correspondences and communicating effectively.


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