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Sep 15 2019
Performance Management Program For Effective Monitoring and Evaluation  E-mail

Course Overview
Performance management is about deploying practical ways to assist organizations achieve their corporate objectives. However, managing performance involves much more than setting up systems as these are only a small part of the process and they are easy to deal with in comparison to getting the right focus, leadership and culture in place. It is a fundamental and critical tool for best practice as well as recognizing competencies that make performance effective. It provides effective training to managers and supervisors in evaluating employee performance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) therefore, provide the organization with the needed direction, motivation as well as the means to measure the health of the organization. Good KPIs are specific, measurable, aligned to the organizational vision; provide the impetus to shape strategies and plans.

This course therefore includes techniques for setting performance objectives, targets and key performance indicators (KPIs), determining the competency expectations, evaluating employees, giving constructive feedback and continuously communicating and dealing with difficult evaluations. It will also guide participants in developing and managing their KPIs the essential competencies for Management.

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for officers, managers; supervisors and top executives who are involved in every day work as well as those leading and managing the implementation of performance measurement programme in the organization.

This course will enable participant
? Define and Discuss the fundamentals of Performance Management;
? Design skills needed to effectively measure performance and deliver cost-effective excellent result for key performance indicators.
? Explain role balance and link personal development plans to measure business objectives
? Analyze, deploy and manage Key Performance Indicators in an organization
? Identify the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contribution from the job roles in their respective organizations.
? Describe value-added skills and knowledge for building a robust performance measurement.
? Discuss critical performance drivers to ensure successful implementation of Performance Measurement in an organization.
? Evaluate elements which make up poor work performance and learn practical techniques for improving employee performance quickly - failing this, a step-by-step guide for dismissing poor performers.

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