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May 26 2019
Anti-Corruption, Integrity and Corporate Governance Training  E-mail

Course Overview
The Nigerian Government has always regarded addressing the threat and problems of corruption as its main agenda and an on-going commitment. The current administration is very clear in its vision of creating a corrupt-free and developed nation, imbued with high ethical and moral values. Every effort including preventive, educational and punitive ones have been carried out.

The Government does not tolerate corruption, abuse of power, and malpractices and leaves no stone unturned in combating them. Those involved in corruption are investigated and, as long as there is enough evidence, are brought to justice without fear or favor. The government has demonstrated strong political will not only in structural and administrative reforms, particularly in the public service and has taken plethora of steps to nip this cankerworm in the bud.

This course is therefore, designed to add zest to the present administration efforts at combating corruption in the public sector so as to engender development and growth of our nation.

    To employ various initiatives in conjunction with Nigerian Government to combat and prevent corruption, abuse of power and malpractices to ensure that Nigerians are able to live a quality life that is happy and peaceful.
    Learn various mechanisms to tackle this cankerworm headlong
    Build synergy among other agencies of government in addressing this challenge
    Learn collaborative measures to deter corruption from happening
    Understand the motivation for corruption and its repercussions
    Imbibe the notion of “country first” before self
    Document integrity checklist for building a corruption free civil service
    Relieve the evils of corruption in national development
    To achieve this, our firm has taken a holistic approach involving training, creating awareness and workshops for the benefits of practitioners in the public sector.

Target Group:
    Civil   Servants, Enterprise Board Members and Senior Managers
    Regulators, Auditors and Investigators,
    Officials from Justice Departments and Office of the Attorney General
    Officials from Financial and Investment Institutions
    Staff of Bilateral and Multilateral Institutions
    All designated Government Officials


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