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May 26 2019
Finance and Accounting For Administrative and Non-Accounting and Finance Officers  E-mail

Course Overview
This highly important programme is designed for personnel who lack, but need, an understanding of basic accounting and financial practices. Whether you are a manager, supervisor, team leader, engineer, scientist or an administrator or support person, you will learn the concepts, techniques and tools to help you advance in your work position and stay ahead.

Now, more than ever, you need this course because you will gain confidence when dealing with numbers and questions of finance will enhance your value to your organization and offer the visibility for future promotion.
Who Should Attend?
The course is designed for non-accounting and finance officers across all functional areas in the organization.

Upon completion of this course, a participant should be able to:
    Understand how accounting information is gathered, what it means, and its importance to every sector of an organization.
    Understand and use accounting terms and basic practices.
    Work in concert with their Accounting Department.
    Understand the need for Financial Reports, Status of Funds, Workings of the Budgetary Process, Agency Needs, Cash Needs Reports.

COURSE CONTENT(Topics may change to match audience needs)
    Basic Accounting Principles
    The Accounting Process: Journals and Ledgers
    The no fail way to understand Debits and Credits
    Learning the language of Accounting and Finance
    Understanding the Purpose and Value of Financial Statements
    The differences between Governmental and Private Sector Accounting
    The Federal Funding Accounting Process
    Accountability and the Accounting System
    The Budgetary Process- How it relates to the accounting function
    Electronic Accounting

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