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Apr 27 2018
Basic Computer Appreciation Course and Concepts (BCAC) for Administrative, Clerical And Other Officers  E-mail

Course Overview
This course is designed to take participants through the concepts of Computer and application of same to every day’s office administration. It is specially packaged to assist officers and personnel even a first time computer user to have a broader knowledge of computer and technology usage and its application to effective office management and practice.

Participants will be taken through basic practical computer skills to ensure that at the end of the training; even the most averse person to computer will be able to walk him or herself around the computer. The course therefore, will be ideal for beginners and advanced users alike.

Training Objective
At the end of this training course:
    Participants will be able to use the computer for basic purposes, such as preparing memos, business letters, viewing and researching information on the internet, sending mails, preparing business presentations etc. This allows beginners or even the most averse person to computer to be a part of computer literacy population highway.
    It will help in increasing productivity in the work place.
    It will create a multiplier effect on the relevant communities as other computer related services such as computer repairs, maintenance sales of parts will emerge thereby creating an ICT market.
    It will also aid the PC penetration programme for faster community development
    This training is intended to help intended small business communities, housewives to maintain their small businesses using the computers and enjoy the freebies in the world of Information Technology.
    Greater impartation of basic level appreciation programme would have been achieved.
    This course is designed to be more practical oriented so as to assist in creating new entrepreneurs.

More emphasis will be on practical. This allows the participant free hand for more computer experience on each command rather than explaining in a theory class.

Who Should Participate
This training is intended for records officers, managers, administrative officers, staff assistants, general service officers, file custodians, clerks, documentation analysts and those involved in secretariat functions.

The participants are allowed to enumerate in what ways s/he can use the computer for his own purpose/business.

Since this is a course on Computer Appreciation, no pre-requisite course is needed. However, it is expected that the participants has some elementary knowledge of English Language.

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