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Oct 18 2018
Connect Your Heart to Your Mouth  E-mail

By Joseph Chuks Elue

“When you open your mouth, you tell the World who you are” – Les Brown.

The purpose of this write-up is not to make you an orator but to let you understand the correlation between your ability to say what you want to say and your rise to the top irrespective of your field of endeavour.

Rule of the Game
a.    decide exactly what your message is and say it from your heart and not from your lip. This means that you should only talk about what you know. Keep your message simple and don’t talk like a university professor. Paint pictures with words and lead with short stories, this way your message will be remembered well after.
b.    Rehearse ahead of the occasion. If you are going to talk in a village meeting, old boys, political gathering, PTA, company seminar or elsewhere, rehearse in your mind what you want to say and when you stand up say it out.
c.    Maintain eye contact with your audience, don’t bury your face like an ostrich, look into the eyes of your audience and speak with your eyes, face and hands. As stated by Entrepreneur magazine:
i.    Use body language to show that you are listening
ii.    Show interest with your facial expression
iii.    Affirm your understanding verbally
iv.    Ask for clarification
v.    Use ‘we’ and ‘us’ rather than ‘I’ and ‘You’ whenever possible.
d.    Improve your language continuously by listening to and not just hearing others talk. Reading a newspaper a day will improve your knowledge as well as your language. If you happen to be communicating in a language not reduced to writing, listening to others who are proficient in that language and visiting the area where the language is spoken will be very helpful to you. This is because language is a matter of habit.
Love and appreciate your audience. Loving and appreciating your audience will help get your message across more easily. No matter who you are talking to, being thankful for the opportunity to stand before them will endear you to your audience no matter the message. You should also endeavour to give extra valued information to your audience; they will appreciate and love you for it.

In addition, have fun communicating. The fun factor is a powerful tool in communication. Nigerian professors Humphrey Nwosu and Jerry Gana are typical examples of communicators that have fun doing their job.

Uba spoke himself out of unemployment. “The exact words that you use are far less important than the energy, intensity and conviction with which you use them”-Jules Rose.
Uba was unemployed six years after graduating from the University despite his repeated job hunting efforts. A few years ago, he was the master of ceremony in his town’s end of year dinner. Among the guest was the chief executive of a flourishing food manufacturing company in Lagos.

Uba’s eloquence, candour and host behaviour arouse the interest of the CEO who invited him to his office. One step led to another and within two weeks the history graduate became the area sales manager of the company at a salary that he fixed. Uba has been promoted thrice in the last five year and he is still talking and making good things happen to his company and his support staffs.

The ability to put your views across can be used in other areas as well. A Nigerian inventor came in from Europe to find financier for his invention. His search was finally narrowed down to a highly placed Nigerian and for three months all efforts at meeting the financier was in vain. The financier’s aide made impossible for both men to meet.

This problem was solved by the inventor’s ten minutes appearance on television. He spoke as if his life depended on those ten minutes speech and within twenty four hours, the financier’s aides were knocking at the doors of the investor because the ‘Oga’ was anxious to see him. The deal was seal within a few days and the inventor returned to Europe to continue his project. Had he not passionately spoken from his heart, he would have failed in his mission.

In the corporate world, effective communication is the means through which a junior staff can warm himself into the heart of the senior corporate citizen. A simple thing as writing a memo, a report or feasibility for your organization can elevate or demote you in the estimation of your leader.

According to Bob Nelson “Communication only is the glue that holds an organization together; In high performing organizations, employees on all levels are a vital link in the communication chain, and information is passed up and down quickly”

Connecting your heart to your mouth will bring fabulous results whether you are in sales, broadcasting, advertising, teaching, preaching, public relations, administration, engineering or what have you. A medical doctor that knows how to communicate definitely has an advantage over one that does not know how to talk from his heart. You have nothing to lose being an effective communicator. Give it a try.

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