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GTA Consulting
Sep 15 2019


We undertake annual audit of limited liability Companies, Corporations, Government Authorities, Boards, and Partnerships, Agencies and all legally constituted organisations forms the star point of the firm’s major activities.

In carrying out the audit of client’s Financial Statements with the related records, the firm will be involved in reviewing and evaluating the system of internal controls to establish its adequacy or otherwise and to report to the management and suggests improvements.  The purpose of audit, however, is to express an opinion on the financial statements rendered and the underlying accounting records of the organisation so audited.


When called upon, we conducts investigations into specific financial transactions like buying, selling reorganization and restructuring of a company.

The firm can also, when required, conduct investigations into cases of suspected perpetration of fraud and other forms of financial misappropriation of funds of business, government agencies and non-profit making organizations.


As Professional Accountants, our design and put in place standard system of accounting comprising working internal controls for all types of establishment.

The firm prepares accounting manuals and reviews and evaluates existing system of accounting for the purpose of maintaining and providing adequate accounting information for the day to day running of the client’s business.  The firm if required by its client, handles the running of the accounts as well as internal audit unit of any type of organization thereby providing financial and other related information including preparation of regular accounting statements and reports for management decisions.

It may also be required to provide supervisory service on both the system of internal controls as well as on the client’s accounting operations.


We also specializes in the training of various categories of staff and the development of same to enhance productivity, manpower efficiency and effectiveness.  It achieves these through the provision of on-the-job training facilities for the client’s staff and through other programmes like workshops and seminars.

The firm appreciates the ever-increasing need for computerized accounting system hence makes it a ‘priority’ area of training for clients staff.


The firm conducts researches in form of feasibility studies and writes feasibility reports for companies and other corporate organizations to setup new projects such as production of goods, construction, banking, Insurance and manufacturing concerns.


As financial advisers, the firm acts on matters relating to merger and acquisition of business ventures.

It also renders advisory service in respect to privatisation and commercialisation of business outfits.

In the event of voluntary or compulsory winding-up of any organisation, Anya Orji & Co., acts as receiver – managers and liquidators to its client’s organisation so wound-up.


As professional accountants, the firm manages all tax and tax related matters of limited liability companies as well as for other corporate organizations and individuals.  In this regard, it computes all taxes and their related allowances for its clients and files all relevant tax documents with the appropriate tax Authorities for the purpose of obtaining client’s tax clearance certificates.