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Jun 26 2019
Registry & Records Management Fundamental, Integrated Clerical Skills and Administrative Development Course  E-mail

Registry or Records Management is the management of information resources in a manner that makes information easily accessible, securely protected, stored and disposed of when no longer required for administrative purposes. Records management controls the creation, maintenance, use and disposal of records.

Registry personnel are all-around office workers who perform many clerical duties, records and file management, which are important for the smooth operation of an office. Assist management and other staff with various projects, research assignments and proper management of the organization’s records.

These functions may include but not limited to: Provision of a wide variety of advanced level clerical and administrative functions to the department in all areas, receive and dispatch mails, preserve and retrieve records; compile reports; tabulate and post data in record books; prepare and mail bills, receipts and similar items; and operate calculators, copiers, and computers. This course is designed to provide modern office management skills needed to function effectively as a registry, secretarial or clerical staff.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    Evaluate roles and responsibilities of registry or a clerical staff
    Recall the basics of records management and explain the organization’s role in promoting efficient records management.
    Demonstrate filing and records management skills
    Identify the knowledge and practical skills needed to implement a records management programme in their organization
    Analyze effective leadership characteristics
    Employ valuable ethical skills needed for the public service
    Translate their actions to increase productivity by reducing errors and processing time
    Use the knowledge gained to establish a record management system within the organization legislative framework.
    Apply basic time management skills

Who Should Attend?
The course is developed and designed for Records officers, filing/registry staff, administrative staff, secretaries, and office managers who need to learn and control their records management.

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